Digital Marketing

5 Marketing Stats That Will Affect Your School in 2019 -- and What to Do About Them

June 6, 2019

1. Active social media users in Australia increased by 5.9% between 2018 and 2019. (Source: We Are Social AU)

2019 has been tipped as the year to capitalise on your social media accounts. While other forms of advertising continue to lose traction, genuine social media engagement and storytelling inspire audiences to learn more about brands (including your school brand).

What to do: Think of your social media as not just a platform for you to engage your current school community, but also a chance to drive future enrolments. Put a plan in place to use your social channels to promote your school to prospective parents.

2. 57% of Australians are currently using voice search. (Source: Bandt)

Voice search (or speech recognition technology) is on the rise in Australia and is presenting a challenge for school marketers in Australia. Users are often employing voice technology in order to perform a search while their hands are occupied, meaning they might be searching for your school while they are driving or cooking.

What to do: Convenience is king when it comes to voice search, so providing your users with a quick answer to common queries is key to mastering voice search. You will also need to invest in search engine optimisation (SEO) in order to rank in the first place (as only the top result will be read out!).

3. 95% of marketers are planning on using live video in their marketing strategy. (Source: Brandlive)

Live video, or live streaming, is where you share exclusive, real-time video content with your audience or followers. You can share these videos from your social media feeds, YouTube channel or a live video service such as Periscope. Live video has grown significantly to keep up with the demand for shorter, more ‘genuine’ interactions with individuals and organisations.

What to do: Start thinking about the kinds of videos that your school could share on social media. We outlined some different ways that your school could be using live video in our blog, including capturing open days, school events, significant moments and charity events.

4. Direct mail has an ROI of 24% in Australia -- stronger than any digital channels. (Source: Neopost)

Direct mail is back, showing the strongest returns on investment since 2003. Think cleverly-designed catalogues, cards and brochures delivered to your local area -- they are all being designed, printed and distributed as we speak.

What to do: Direct mail has a reputation for being ‘old school’ in comparison to digital marketing channels, but your direct mail doesn’t have to look dated. Think about getting a professional mini-magazine designed that showcases your school, using beautiful imagery and rich, engaging content. Distribute it to local households in your area with a note from your principal.

5. Better content can drive traffic to a blog by up to 2,000%. (Source: Omnicore)

With video content on the rise, you might be tempted to lay blogging aside. But blogging is still relevant and still driving great results for your business in 2019. When it comes to performing a deep dive on a particular subject, nothing gets into the nitty gritty like some well-written, long-form content.

What to do: If you’re feeling a little discouraged by your blog traffic, 2019 is definitely not the year to give up on it! Concentrate transforming some of your more popular posts into long-form, in-depth content that will continue to provide value for your school community.