Social Media

5 Things Your School Should Add to Each Instagram Post

March 7, 2018

It’s free, it’s popular across multiple age groups and it’s likely that your school community is already using it. With over 500 million daily active users as of 2017, Instagram’s popularity continues to grow and marketers continue to use it as a powerful communication tool.

We love seeing how schools utilise Instagram for their marketing efforts, and believe that it can be an incredible way to connect with your school communities.

We’ve put together five things that we believe your school should be adding to every Instagram post. Check them out!

  1. Filters and editing. Instagram offers a range of ways to make your image or video even more impactful. Play with the brightness, contrast, sharpness and more, or add a filter to change the tone of your content. Quick tip: if you add a filter and just want to tone it down a notch, tap the filter again and you’ll see a slider that you can use to reduce the opacity of the filter!
  2. Your location. Locations are a great way for users to be able to browse content. If you add your location to every post, you’ll start to build up a great library of content for any user searching for your school in ‘Places’ specifically.
  3. The right hashtags. Add hashtags that are relevant to your post, that aren’t too specific and that aren’t sentences. If you have a school hashtag, ensure you add this, and think about the types of hashtags you’d wish for people to see your content in when searching. Suburb or city-specific hashtags might be a great idea, as these are likely to be searched by your local or school community.
  4. A concise and relevant caption. Keep your caption punchy and brief, and ensure that it adds some context to your post. Your school community loves to be informed, so use this as a way to communicate what is happening through your content. Keeping it brief means it’s more suited to the way in which users consume Instagram - by scrolling and assigning a brief amount of time to all of the posts in their feed.
  5. Tags for relevant pages. If your post features a local business, a well-known member of the community or is relevant to a community Instagram account, be sure to tag them in your photo or in your caption. The more accounts you make aware of or engage in your post, the wider your post’s reach will be.

Don’t forget, Instagram is all about beautiful, engaging content, so make sure you stay away from overly promotional or informational posts and keep your content fun and exciting for your school community. Happy posting!