Online Enrolments

Blogging to Drive Enrolments

May 3, 2017

Your blog or news page should feature engaging, interesting and informative content, however that’s not to say that it shouldn’t also be a driver toward online enrolments for your school. Using your content and calls to action (CTAs) we’ll discuss a number of strategies for encouraging enrolments on your school website.

  • Keep it snappy. Being a web page rather than a social media post, you don’t have a word restriction and you certainly have an opportunity to add some length to your content. While adding length is incredibly valuable and allows you to include important information, keep in mind that too long can also be problematic. Your CTA is generally at the bottom of your content, so keeping it brief ensures that viewers are more likely to read through and click your CTA. Long written content can cause a high bounce rate, so if you have extended content to share, think about changing it to a blog series, instead. This can create some demand by asking viewers to wait for the next edition.
  • Use strong imagery. The visuals of your page are just as important as your written content. Using strong, clear and relevant imagery can capture the attention and increase the engagement of a viewer. Use visuals to supplement your information, allowing viewers to see as well as understand what you’re telling them. Using strong imagery can assist in keeping viewers on the page long enough to read your article and follow through to your CTA. 
  • Tell meaningful stories. Step away from dumping information in your articles and start to tell meaningful stories throughout them. Having a strong storyline creates an emotional response to your writing, rather than being purely informational, and this can lead to more action being taken rather than passive reading.
  • Your CTA is key. We can’t stress this one enough. Where you place it, how it looks and where it links to are all incredibly important aspects of the CTAs you place in your blog or news posts. Use large, clear buttons placed after key information in an order that would make sense to a reader. Ensure that it links to the correct page, keeping in mind that reducing the steps to your conversion will increase your conversion rate.
  • Promote your posts. Blog or news posts can be great content for paid ads online. Many businesses (and schools) tend to use product-focused content for their ads, however promoting posts can be a great way to engage with your audience, share some interesting information with them, and capture their attention during their information search process.


While your blog or news page may not seem like the most obvious drivers of enrolments, they are generally frequently visited sections of your website. Maximise their ability to drive enrolments for you using the above tips.

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