Online Enrolments

Commonly Asked Questions About Online Enrolment

January 11, 2018

With our ENROL and eduSITE products having a focus on encouraging, collecting and managing online enrolments, our Support team and Customer Success Managers often receive a range of questions about the topic. To help other K-12 schools who might have similar questions, we’ve put together a list with our answers!


Common questions

What kind of information or content should we use on our enrolments page?

Your enrolments page exists to provide key information to prospective parents about the enrolment process for admission to your school. Ensure that text is written with clarity and that it provides prospective parents with every detail they need to start the process. Providing expectations around how long it can take and adding a strong, clear call to action such as a button can be effective ways to increase conversions on your enrolments page.


We have a link to our online enrolment system on our website but we’re not getting as many clicks as we’d like to be seeing. How can we improve clicks through to our enrolment system?

Correctly-placed, branded and strong calls to action are key to driving traffic to your online enrolment system. From a user experience point of view, making online enrolment easier for the user is likely to improve click-through, so ensure that you have calls to action in relevant areas other than the main navigation and homepage. Try including buttons on key pages such as About, Enrolments, Facilities and even Term Dates pages. Put yourself in the shoes of the prospective parent and think about the part of the information search during which they might be ready to start the online enrolment process.

Which other digital marketing methods can we use to drive online enrolments?

There are a range of methods that can be used to drive traffic to your online enrolment system. Here are just a few:

  • Paid search (SEM): ensuring that your school shows up first in popular and relevant searches is an effective way to get traffic to your online enrolment system. If you don't have an in-house expert, engage an agency for the best possible performance.
  • Social media: posting on social media and sharing engaging and effective content related to your school with links to enrol online can also be a great way to encourage online enrolments.
  • Email marketing: build up your email database of prospective parents using forms on your website and event registrations and then use email marketing to make them aware of enrolment deadlines and other relevant enrolment information. Always include a clear call to action to commence enrolment!

We want to reduce abandoned enrolments by using an email reminder to parents who have started an enrolment. How many days after commencement should we send the reminder?

While there is no rule to the right number of days prior to a reminder being sent, we recommend waiting 7-10 days. This allows the prospective parent time to organise any additional documentation that you required and leaves a long enough gap to warrant a reminder. Providing a friendly reminder with an email link back to their application at this point can be an effective way to reduce abandoned applications and to get more completions. The ENROL system offers reminder email functionality.

What is retargeting and how can we use it to improve the conversion rate for our online enrolments?

Retargeting is a digital marketing method that can be used to serve users who have previously visited and left your website (or a specific page) with an ad reminding them to return. This can be a great way to target prospective parents who have clicked onto your enrolments page or even into your enrolment system with a message reminding them to commence or complete their application. For search retargeting, if you don’t have a specialist in-house, you can contact an agency. If you’d like to give retargeting a try on social media, start your campaign with this handy guide.


Key takeaways

Schools should ensure that website content relating to online enrolments is engaging and provides prospective parents with clear information about the enrolment process. In addition to this, clear and user-friendly calls to action should be placed on the enrolments page as well as throughout other relevant areas of the website. Social media, digital marketing and email campaigns can be used to drive traffic to the online enrolment process, and conversions can be increased through reminder emails.


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