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Creating Unique Social Media Content: 5 Tips

March 25, 2018

Social media has become such a significant part of every school’s communication strategy, and school communities have come to rely on social media content for updates from their schools.

Do you find creating new and interesting social media content challenging? We understand that keeping posts frequent and unique can be hard for schools, so we’ve put together five tips for keeping your content fresh.

Five tips for creating unique social media content.

  1. Student involvement: your students shouldn’t just feature in your content, they should come up with ideas for it, too! Some of your most creative social media content might come from brainstorming sessions with students. Contemplate even running a student takeover, and hand your social media channels over to your School Captains for a day! Your school community will enjoy seeing your school from a new perspective.
  2. Weekly themes: think about starting a weekly post that your school community can come to expect. Whether it’s Throwback Thursday or even a weekly student story, creating a content type that your community can depend on will start to gain incremental engagement as people come to expect the post.
  3. Using motion: video is not only favoured by social media algorithms, it’s also an engaging and interesting way for your school community to consume content. Be creative with your video - think about slowing down quick motions with slow-mo, think about speeding up lengthy motions with timelapse, or even capture quick motions using an app such as Boomerang.
  4. Creating incentive: do you have a ticketed event coming up or even have access to an Easter hamper? Run a competition and ask your school community to comment on a post with their entry! Your engagement will increase significantly if you offer an incentive and your school community is sure to enjoy participating in a contest.
  5. User generated content: user generated content is content that your social media audience has created. Ask your school community to share their photos and let them know you’ll be sharing your favourites from your school’s page! Not only will you see a spike in engagement, you’ll also start building a library of valuable and relevant social media content.

Here are a couple of examples from our schools of unique and engaging social media content!



We hope our tips have helped you to start exploring some new and interesting social media content! If you need help planning your content, download our Weekly Content Planner for Schools.