Five Minutes with our Software Developer, Richard

November 13, 2018

In the most creative way possible, tell the education world what you do at Digistorm?

I build new features for eduAPP, eduSITE and Enrol. I’m also busy fixing other people’s bugs while simultaneously making new ones.


What do you think is the most significant impact that a Digistorm product has had on the education industry?

Our websites give schools a way to express their individuality and share their presence with the world. That’s pretty cool.


If you could create a new Digistorm product with no limitations, what would it be? Think outside the box!

The best product would be a bot that would answer questions like this for me.


Share a meme that you think represents Mondays at Digistorm.

Richard Meme


Your flight gets delayed and you have 6 hours in a small airport. You can’t leave, how do you keep busy?

Probably just watch some YouTube on my laptop. If I find a spare display, I’ll connect it up with my bag of cables.