Digital Marketing

Guide to Writing Titles That Increase Clicks for Schools

December 6, 2017

There are a number of different variables at play when it comes to distributing school marketing content that is successful. In this post, we focus on composing titles for your website and blog content that are impactful and attention-grabbing.

Why titles are so important

Depending on the medium being used to distribute your page or article, the fields or features available to encourage clicks can be limited. Titles are arguably one of the most likely fields that will encourage a user to click through to your website content.

How titles should be affected by SEO

Where relevant, try to use target keywords in your content titles. Be conscious of their length, keeping titles below the best practice length of 60 characters.

What makes an effective title?

  • Being brief and punchy: as mentioned, it’s recommended to keep titles under 60 characters, but it’s also important to make those 60 characters count! Pick out the piece of information that is the focal point or the most interesting aspect of your article and focus on it.
  • Setting expectations: the most interesting title might not be the most relevant one. Make sure that your title reflects what the user can expect to read about. Misleading titles tend to have a high bounce rate and a low time on site.
  • A bit of mystery: it’s important not to give everything away at once. Ensure that readers are left ‘wanting more’. For example, if your article is a ‘how-to’, ensure that users have to click in order to find out the ‘how’.

An example

You’ve written an article on your school blog about ways parents can encourage kids to get their homework done on time. Let’s make it brief and punchy, let’s set some expectations and let’s keep it a bit mysterious, all in under 60 characters:

Your Guide to Getting Them to Finish Homework Before Dinner.

It's a one-liner that tells you what you’re reading and why, making it brief and punchy. The concept of a ‘guide’ lets prospective parents know what they can expect, ensuring that the article does not have a high bounce rate. Finally, the ‘how’ is not revealed in the title, retaining a bit of mystery.

Follow this guide and you’ll be increasing your click-through rate in no time. For more tips on improving your blog, check out this Guide to Writing School Blog posts and these 5 School Blog Post Tips.