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How Your School Can Use Live Video

October 25, 2017

With the capability being made available across multiple networks and for any user, the creation and consumption of live video has experienced a recent boom. Individuals and organisations now have the ability to share exclusive, real-time video content with their audience, and it has resulted in some incredible growth.

"80% of users would choose watching live video over reading a blog."

Based on some research conducted by livestream, it was identified than not only had 81% of internet audiences watched more live video in 2016 than they did in 2015, but also that 80% of users would choose watching live video over reading a blog, and 82% of users would prefer watching live videos to seeing social media posts.


Live Video


The trend is too significant to ignore, and there is certainly opportunity for schools to get involved. We’ve put together a number of ways in which your school can utilise live video on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin or Youtube.


Using live video

  • Open Days: use live video to give a brief school tour and to focus on certain aspects, such as the choir or band performance. Ask the Principal to speak throughout the video, inviting viewers to visit your website and register for your next Open Day. The live video will generate excitement and encourage registrations for future events.
  • School Events: at any event from the cross country to the school musical, use snippets of live video to share parts of the day. House chants, final races, announcements of scores and action-packed musical scenes are all engaging ways to get views and interest from your online audience.
  • Graduation Days: is the dux giving a speech? Share the significant and emotional moments via live video to create a connection with your audience and to show potential parents how special your school community is.
  • Charity Events: one great example of the perfect event to share using live video is the World’s Greatest Shave. We see schools selflessly participate in this event every year, and recording hair colourings and clippings is not only a great way to show your audience what you’ve been up to, but also to raise awareness for an incredibly important event within the community.


It goes without saying, but remember that video is streaming live and therefore, there’s no room for editing out errors or sounds! The list of opportunities is certainly not confined to the list above; you can get the mobile rolling as soon as there is an engaging occurrence taking place at your school.


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