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What is a USP and why is it Important to Your School?

July 9, 2017

In your travels across most marketing and sales reading, you might come across the acronym, ‘USP’. USP stands for unique selling position, and it’s an important concept for every business, including your school to understand.

There are a number of reasons why it is important for your school to identify and then effectively communicate its’ unique selling proposition.

1. Creating a basis for a marketing strategy

Your USP is a great platform for creating a marketing strategy for your school. You can use your unique selling proposition to create powerful and consistent messaging across various marketing channels.

2. Standing out from the competition

Uniqueness means you stand out from the competition. Grab the attention of members of your audience who are in the decision-making process of their school selection process.

3. Generating demand

Your unique marketing message will help you to create excitement and demand for enrolments to your school.


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So how do you identify your unique selling proposition?

Remember that this is a marketing function, so it doesn’t necessarily need to be something tangible (e.g. we are the only school with a three-story library), but can be an aspect that your prospective audience values (e.g. we prepare your child to reach their future goals).  

  • Think about your audience: what is important to them in a school?
  • Step away from thinking about the school’s goals and think about the goals of potential students. How can you help them reach those?
  • Look at local competitors and think about their core values. How can you set your school apart in comparison?

Once you’ve established your unique selling proposition, it’s important to communicate it effectively. Think about all of the marketing assets available to you and remember to ensure that all of your messaging is consistent, regardless of the marketing channel.

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