Digital Marketing

Youtube vs. Vimeo for Schools

July 4, 2017

It’s a question that many schools struggle with when deciding where to host their valuable video content: should I use Youtube or Vimeo? Because every school is different, to help you decide, we have put together a list of pros and cons for each network. Many schools primarily use these channels to host video content on their school website, which both are capable of, however it’s important to have all of the relevant information at hand.



  • Traffic to Youtube is significantly higher than to Vimeo
  • Youtube is owned by Google, meaning videos are prioritised in Google search results
  • Free to use, both privately and for businesses


  • Ads can be seen everywhere, both on the channel and within your videos. Particularly in the education industry, ads can be irrelevant and inappropriate
  • Suggested videos can detract from your website and again be irrelevant to your school
  • Competition with other videos on Youtube is incredibly high




  • No pre-roll advertising - your video will not be covered in ads from other businesses
  • The network contains a broad range of quality content
  • Vimeo’s community tends to value high quality content, meaning your school is more likely to receive constructive feedback on the network
  • Allows for greater customisation of the video player which makes it more consistent with your school’s branding


  • There is a free option, but if you start getting serious with your videos, you'll be in for a monthly fee (small price to pay to keep it ad-free!)
  • Vimeo videos will be less likely to display in Google search results than Youtube videos
  • There is also no option with Vimeo for unlimited uploads, unlike with Youtube - more storage will cost you

While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach and every school will have different requirements for their video hosting, it’s important to be informed about key aspects of these video channels.

Stay tuned for more posts on video content to come!