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5 Reasons Your School Needs a CRM

May 22, 2018

With the range of software solutions available to schools, it can be challenging to understand what holds the most value. Because Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools are traditionally used in sales teams, we’ve put together 5 reasons why your school should consider implementing one!

Here at Digistorm, we’ve developed Funnel, a CRM designed specifically for schools. Here’s why CRMs are the next best thing for school relationship management and enrolments:

  1. Collect, store and use important information. First and foremost, your CRM will serve as your school’s intelligent database. Whether you’re entering new prospective parent details into the system manually, or feeding in data from a form on your school website, a CRM becomes your school’s single source of truth for prospective enrolments. Once stored in your CRM, your school can then use that information to contact and nurture relationships with parents who have the potential to enrol their child in your school.
  2. Create a workflow that works for your school. Once the prospective parent has been entered into your school’s system, a CRM can then allow you to create workflows based on your school’s pre-enrolment process. This might involve assigning the parent to a member of your school’s team, contacting them and then following up by sending a prospectus and scheduling a tour. With a CRM like Funnel, simple actions like these can be assigned as tasks to be completed, ensuring that you never miss an opportunity to convert a prospective parent into an enrolment.
  3. Create your own customised enrolment stages. Every school is different, and every school’s enrolment process will have unique steps and stages from the initial enquiry to completion of enrolment. CRMs like Funnel allow you to create unique enrolment stages for your school, which in turn creates steps for each prospective parent to pass through as they complete their enrolment journey.
  4. Follow ups and communications become simple. Remembering to follow up with prospective parents at the right times can be challenging, as can sending timely and targeted communications. CRMs assist schools by offering segments and lists based on particular attributes, and by offering a simple email communication tool that sends information to these lists. As an example, using Funnel, yous school could create a list of all potential enrolments to Year 6 in 2020 and send them a communication promoting the 2019 Open Day. CRMs make targeting simple.
  5. Online enrolments increase. Think all of this sounds too good to be true? It gets even better, with all of the management that goes into nurturing relationships with prospective parents resulting in increased online enrolments for schools who offer this enrolment method. The more you communicate and inform prospective parents, the more likely they will be to enrol.

Sound great? Talk to us today about Funnel and we’ll show you how implementing a CRM can change how you manage relationships with prospective parents.