Website Best Practice

6 School Website Best Practice Tips

June 19, 2018

Your school website is one of your school’s most important communication tools. We often get asked how schools can improve the effectiveness of their websites and take them to the next level - here are six of our top tips for website best practice.

  1. Focus on high quality imagery. Effective websites are all about engaging, high quality and relevant content. While the information featured on your website is important, so is the visual representation of your school. Ensure that the imagery that you feature is branded and representative of your school, in addition to being of a high quality. Prospective parents visiting your website will very quickly make a first impression of your school based on your website, so ensure that your imagery allows your school to put its’ best foot forward.
  2. Invest in engaging video. You‘ve probably seen us mention this more than once, but video is certainly the medium of the moment. Offering detailed information, an engaging way to transfer information and a simple way to offer website users a view of your school, video is an effective website addition for schools. We understand that high quality video can be costly to produce, however in our view, it is certainly worth the investment.
  3. Mobile responsivity is a non-negotiable. With the percentage of users, including prospective parents, searching for and accessing your school website on their mobile phones, having a mobile responsive website is not negotiable. Ensure that you test all of your school website’s features to ensure that their functionality is effective on mobile.
  4. Help users navigate with ease. Your website’s navigation should be built with the target user in mind. Use your website analytics to understand which pages are being accessed most in order to compose your website’s navigation. Ensure that important information is easy to access and that your navigation makes sense to the target market. Don’t be afraid to ask some parents to conduct user testing and to gather their feedback!
  5. Write text that makes sense to your target market. When composing text for your school’s website, write the text that makes sense to your prospective parents, and ensure that they are seeing the information that they expect. Keep copy professional and succinct, and don’t forget to continue updating your website text based on parent feedback and frequently asked questions.
  6. Don’t forget about SEO. Last but not least, don’t forget about your search engine optimisation! Ensure that your text is written organically, but that it also contains the search terms that your school wants to rank for. To learn more, check out our post asking: Is Your School’s Website SEO Friendly?


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