Online Enrolments

3 Benefits of Using an Online Enrolment System

March 12, 2019

A note from Digistorm: This post was originally published in May 2017. We've updated it to include more valuable, relevant content.

Changing traditional school practices can be challenging, however advancements in the opportunity for online enrolments are now offering some amazing benefits. Our role in the education industry is to continue to find ways to create improvements and efficiencies for schools, particularly when it comes to the software that they implement both internally and for their existing and prospective parents. The objective of this post is to identify how online enrolment systems can benefit your school.


We’ve put together what we believe to be the three most significant benefits of implementing an online enrolment system.

  1. Time saving (for parents and your school). Traditional enrolment systems generally involve navigating to an enrolment page, downloading a document, printing and completing that document, then scanning it to email it back, or posting it. The school must then read and assess the form, manually input the information into their system and file the form. Using an online enrolment system removes a number of these steps, allowing parents to efficiently complete all information online without the need for printing or scanning, and allowing schools to receive, view and assess enrolments online, with no filing or data entry.
  2. Holistic view. Receiving some applications in person, some via mail and some via emails means that until data is entered into your school system (if this step takes place), your school doesn’t have an understanding of the enrolment pipeline. Having an online enrolment system means that you can view enrolments at every status, all in one place. Understanding the point of the enrolment journey that each potential parent and student have reached will help your school to shape their marketing efforts, their communications and their customer relationship management
  3. Going digital. The reduction on your school’s impact on the environment is a given, and an undeniable benefit of shifting common school practices online. Your school's positive impact on the environment will lie in the removal of printing paper forms, therefore improving your corporate social responsibility. In addition to this, your enrolment data will be stored safely and securely online, rather than physically. Easily accessibly by the member of your team who manage your online enrolments, your digital system will also be a user-friendly option for prospective parents. 


"Having an online enrolment system means that you can view enrolments at every status, all in one place."


Without even mentioning the ability of parents to upload documents during their enrolment, the fact that they can pause halfway through and save their progress or the ability for them to pay online, you can see the impact an online enrolment system can have on your school.

Our online enrolment system, ENROL can improve your internal processes, save parents time and provide a positive user experience. Contact us to discuss ENROL today.