Social Media

Your Two Social Media Audiences

June 4, 2017

Two audiences? But I only have one school account!”, we hear you exclaim. That’s right, but there are two key groups consuming your content, and two audiences means two sets of objectives. Let us explain.


Introducing your two audiences:

  1. Your existing and previous school community. We tend to find that most schools target a majority of their content towards this group. They are incredibly important and sharing content via social media is a great way to improve communication and strengthen relationships. This group includes current students, the families of current students and school alumni.
  2. Your potential school applicants. This is the second and equally important group your content should take into consideration. These are the families who are conducting an information search for the school they’ll decide to apply to send their school-aged children to. With a high ranking in Google search results and an incredibly high usage rate, Facebook in particular can often be used during the information search.


Social Media Post Composition Guide-1.jpg


So what does this mean for your school?

Having two key audiences on social media means that you need to consider the objectives pertaining to each of them when creating social content. This means that you may wish to consider content that engages your online community, informs them and where relevant, encourages them to enrol.

To help you to achieve this, we’ve put together a quick questionnaire - every time you create a piece of content, ask yourself these three important questions:

  1. Without context or further information, will this post/tweet make sense to both audiences?
  2. Does this post/tweet provide value to one of my key audiences?
  3. Is this post/tweet contributing to an even split of posts focused toward each key audience?


Keep these questions in mind and you’ll be providing a range of social media posts for everyone engaging with your accounts. Not sure which social media channels you should be using? Check out our post on The Right Social Media Networks for Your School.