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Could Your School Benefit From Using Infographics?

April 26, 2019

Working in the education sector, we’re sure you’ve heard the term ‘infographic’ thrown around quite a lot, right? If you’re not up to speed, an infographic is a visual way of representing data, and is usually (at least in the digital world) more appealing to look at than your average chart or graph. Generally, infographics collate multiple statistics that centre around a specific topic into a nice, neat little bundle interspersed with fun graphics. They’re also ultra-shareable, making them a perfect medium for school marketers to use.

Perhaps you haven’t dabbled in infographics before, and you’re wondering whether they could actually create any traction for your specific school. We’ve rounded up a few recommendations that should help you decide whether or not to add infographics into your school’s digital marketing strategy.

Are they right for our school?

Albeit very effective, infographics require a little more attention and skill than other digital marketing tactics. First up, you’ll need access to someone with design prowess, or at the very least a good eye for what works visually and what doesn’t. This may require a little money to generate, so evaluate whether you have the room in your budget to allocate here.

Another thing to consider is the stats you have on hand, or the potential you have to generate some. The whole idea behind infographics is to make statistics digestible, fun and shareable, so you’ll need to know what data you’re looking to disseminate to your audience. We’ve seen some amazing infographics in the past created around enrolment stats, alumni outcomes and more. As long as you have the capacity to gather this information, then forge ahead.

Finally, you’ll need to consider how you plan on sharing your infographic and gaining that traction. Are you active on social platforms like Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook? These are all ideal places to post your infographic for maximum virality. Having a network of eager parents, teachers and students that will share your infographic also helps -- the more engagement, the better!

What will an infographic generate?

Infographics have established themselves as an incredibly effective marketing tool, and for a number of reasons. They break down hard-to-understand data into digestible pieces, and accompany these stats with valuable insights (and fun pictures!). They’re designed to really humanise data and create the accessibility that studies, elaborate articles and graphs don’t possess. When published to social media and blogs, they also have fantastic virality, which means your school will be at the front of everyone’s minds.

Here are a few things you could potentially reap from publishing an infographic:

  • Virality on social media. Posts of this nature often garner lots of likes, shares and comments! Hello, new followers…
  • Improved domain authority (DA) for your school. Infographics are inherently linkable, as they aggregate lots of data and create visible links. With lots of people linking back to your school’s site, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a small jump in domain authority, AKA a highly important search engine ranking factor.
  • Shareability amongst your community. By highlighting your school’s wins, you’re practically guaranteeing parents, staff and more will go wild with the sharing. By circulating your infographic (which will contain evidence of your school’s USPs) amongst their own communities, you’ll be able to expand your reach and, hopefully, generate some new, quality leads.

How to create an infographic

So, you’ve decided your school is going to try out an infographic -- fantastic! Keep in mind that this will probably be a one-off, at least for that semester or year, as gathering effective data may only be possible at certain intervals. As a result, it’s important to really give your all to making your infographic shine! This could be the thing that positions your school as a leader in the education space or in your particular location, so do it well.

School infographic from Santa Fe Christian SchoolsA fantastic school infographic via Santa Fe Christian Schools

Start off by brainstorming with your marketing and business teams. There are two key things to discuss here -- the kind of information you want to highlight, and how you’ll present it. When it comes to the data you’ll gather, make sure to keep it as complimentary as possible. If you’re creating an infographic around your graduating class, why not highlight the percentage of students who achieved an ATAR score of 95 or better? Perhaps you could note how many students were accepted into their first choice university or course, or highlight the countries they’ll be travelling to on their gap years! The opportunities are endless -- just make sure they accentuate your school’s values and position you as a great choice for prospective families.

On the design front, we generally recommend using your school’s colours, fonts and other branding materials to guide you. With those in place, you’ll create a template you can use for future infographics, plus everything will tie in with your other marketing collateral. If you have a designer at hand, use their expertise, and discuss how you can make things fun and visually appealing. Could you use emojis or little logos to illustrate each point? How about real photos of the year level or group in question? If you don’t have access to a designer, we’d recommend keeping things as simple as possible with a tool like Canva to guide you through.

Once your infographic has been created, it’s time to get sharing. Post to all of your social media platforms, and don’t be shy about asking your followers to share to their own timelines, feeds or stories. It’s also essential that you create a blog post or newsletter on your school website that’s all about the infographic. This gives you the ability to contextualise the data even more with a few short paragraphs, plus creates a link that other sites can utilise when they’re referring back to you.

Ready to get your school going with an infographic? We hope these tips and tricks will help you create something truly special!

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