Online Enrolments

ENROL: Improving Online Enrolments

May 15, 2018

When we develop any school software product, we put a focus on solving challenges for schools and on creating efficiencies. Our online enrolment system, ENROL does exactly that. Having received ample feedback around the challenges that come with scanned or emailed enrolment forms, Digistorm went to work to create the perfect solution, offering an improved user experience not only for the prospective parent enrolling their child, but also for the school administration itself. Here are just some of the ways in which ENROL improves your school’s online enrolment process.


No more printing, scanning or attaching.

The parent-facing solution is a mobile-responsive and user-friendly form, containing all of the data fields that your school needs to collect. Parents can enter information and even attach documents online, without needing to print, scan or attach their form.


Parents pressed for time? ENROL saves as they go.

Filling out an entire enrolment form in one sitting can be challenging and time consuming. The form collects the parent’s email address first, and saves their information as they go, meaning that they can close the form and complete it later.


Follow ups are automatic, saving your school time.

Thinking the parent might forget and not return to the form? ENROL sends timely reminders, directly from the system to the parent’s email address, reminding them to complete their form and providing a direct link.


Keep all your enrolment data in one place, and access it easily.

The back-end system is just as effective, offering schools a simple way to see all of their enrolments, both completed and incomplete. Schools can filter the information, contact parents directly and even set statuses for individual enrolments.


Forget about manual data entry.

If your school uses a system such as TASS, talk to Digistorm about an integration. This means that you’ll be able to easily export your enrolment data, and import it into your school’s system without entering each enrolment manually.

These are just some of the features that make ENROL such an effective system for schools. Interested in learning more about ENROL? Get in touch today to learn more.