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Facebook Advertising: Useful Tools for Schools

April 16, 2018

Whether your objective is to drive Facebook traffic, gain online conversions or even just to increase your Facebook engagement, there is a Facebook advertising tool suited to your goal. We’ve put together some of our favourite tools that can be incredibly useful for schools looking to achieve a particular online objective.

Never used Facebook Advertising before? Don’t worry, at the end of this post, we’ll share Facebook’s learning platform that you can use to improve your skills and learn the ropes.

Lead Ads

This tool is used for collecting information through a user-friendly form, without taking users out of Facebook. Forms can be designed based on a schools needs and can collect any data that is required. As an example, schools could use Lead Ads to allow parents to register interest for an upcoming Open Day.


Website Retargeting

Retargeting is an effective way to show your school’s Facebook ad to people who have already engaged with your school’s website. It takes the installation of a piece of code on your school’s website, but is certainly worth the effort. As an example, you could retarget users who had visited your enrolment page but not completed their enrolment with an ad encouraging them to enrol before your deadline.


Carousel Ads

Carousel Ads are one of the creative options for displaying your ad’s content on Facebook. Carousel Ads allow you to add 3-5 images or videos that users can scroll through, in addition to descriptive text and a strong call to action button. They are an engaging way to get your message across using multiple images.


Boosted Posts

We love this option because it’s super simple! If your school has a post that is performing well organically, boosting a post allows you to add budget in order to push your post through more newsfeeds. It’s a cost-effective and simple way to share your content further, and it offers clever targeting to ensure that the right users are seeing it.

Want to learn more about Facebook advertising? Check out our free guide: The Complete Social Media Marketing Toolkit for Schools.