Video Marketing

Features of a Great School Video

January 2, 2018

It’s one of the fastest growing types of online content and it’s only going to continue growing. For schools undertaking a project to have a branded video created, we’ve put together our top features of a great school video.


A storyline to follow

Effective videos tend to capture you in a few seconds, telling a story that viewers are eager to follow. Creating a storyline not only asks the viewer to watch until the end of the video, but also creates interesting subject matter for the video.


Suitable music

Choose music that matches the topic, mood and style of the video. Commercial music can be expensive, however your videographer is likely to provide you with some sources that have cheaper or royalty-free music options.


Powerful voice overs

When you’re briefing or writing your video script, use impactful language that is consistent with your school’s brand and mission. Let your script tell your story and ensure that your brand voice comes across to your audience. They should by listening to your video know exactly who you are and what your video is about.

Here's a great example from Woodleigh School:



An emotional connection

The most memorable marketing videos are ones that incite an emotional reaction from the viewer. Connect with your target audience on the subject that matters to them most: their child’s education.


Real people (not actors!)

Schools are made up of real people - students and teachers that build the school into what it is, every day. Skip using actors and find members of your school community to represent your school in your video. You’ll find that you have a genuine and relatable result that doesn’t feel forced or fake.


A strong call to action

Once you’ve had your video created, it’s time to share it with your target audience! At the conclusion of your video, ensure that you include a call to action - most commonly being a contact method. Ensure that any prospective parent watching your video knows how to get in touch with you in order to learn more. 


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