Funnel Refresher: 5 Useful Features

August 28, 2018

Managing relationships with parents is an important part of both increasing new online enrolments, and creating a line of communication throughout their student’s education. Funnel has been designed with these objectives in mind, creating a single system where parent communication can be entered, monitored, managed and followed up on. To highlight how Funnel can assist your school with parent communication, we’ve put together five of Funnel’s most useful features.

  1. Seamless data entry

Data can enter Funnel in one of three ways: either by manual entry into the system, for example if a parent phones to enquire, directly through a website form or via an event registration. Integrated forms allow parent information entered online to appear in Funnel automatically, removing the requirement for manual data entry and improving the quality of the data coming into Funnel. Schools will receive a notification each time a new parent lead is entered into Funnel, serving as a timely reminder to get in touch and assist the parent with their prospective enrolment. These functionalities not only improve the likelihood of prospective parents being followed up, but also create internal efficiencies for the school and their team responsible for driving online enrolments.


"From sending through your prospectus to scheduling a tour and even following up with parents you haven’t heard from in some time, tasks help your school stay organised."

  1. Tasks

Keeping up with all of the tasks needing to be completed in relation with prospective parents can be a challenge. From making a phone call to sending through a prospectus and event inviting parents to school events, there are a number of functions that can be overlooked when managed manually. In Funnel, you can set tasks for your administrators to ensure that you’re ticking every box with the parents thinking about enrolling in your school. From sending through your prospectus to scheduling a tour and even following up with parents you haven’t heard from in some time, tasks help your school stay organised, and can be assigned to individual Funnel users for accountability.

  1. Lists

For different reasons, your school sometimes needs to group prospective parents into a List for future communications. Create Lists based on a particular attribute (e.g. potential enrolments for 2020) or even manually based on students you know you need to communicate to. Lists are selected manually by schools and can be saved for future use. Schools can name lists so that they can refer back to them quickly and easily, and Lists will not change unless a user from your school decides to manually change them. 

  1. Segments

If you wish to send regular communications, Segments allow you to create dynamic groups based on particular attributes. As an example, you may wish to send a monthly email to prospective enrolments for 2020 - creating this Segment will ensure that the group is automatically updated in real time with confirmed enrolments dropping off and new prospective enrolments being added to the group. Segments differ from Lists because they automatically update based on the attributes you've selected, but can also be saved and re-used in future for reporting purposes or for sending communications to those prospective parents, with the ultimate goal of online enrolments

  1. Communications

Funnel makes email communications simple, offering a tool that allows schools to send effective communications to their Lists or Segments with just a few clicks. With a header image for your school’s branding, a heading, some text and a call to action button, Communications have everything you need to send important emails to your prospective parents in a timely manner. Communications are simple to use and require no coding knowledge or design abilities - they offer a 'drag-and-drop' style took that assists you in creating emails that look professional and can even feature buttons with links for prospective parents to immediately enrol online

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