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How to Know What Time of Day to Post on Facebook

October 18, 2017

There is a point at which your school’s Facebook marketing may turn from putting up a post when there is time, to strategically planning out posts for the week with particular objectives and themes in mind. At this point, one of the important aspects to look at is how to maximise the engagement and traffic that your school is getting out of its’ Facebook posts.

One of the simplest ways to improve the performance of your posts, which happens to be commonly overlooked, is to identify the time of day during which your Facebook fans are most active and to use this information to schedule your posts.

So how do you get this information? 

Through Facebook Insights.

Log into your Facebook page and navigate to your school’s page. Click ‘Insights’ up the top and then select ‘Posts’ from the left hand menu.

You’ll be presented with two graphs - the first showing you data by day of week and the second, showing you the time of day your fans are online. Automatically, you can get a quick and clear understanding of when your fans are online, and hovering over the graph will display the number of fans online. Remember that the view is live and for the last 7 days, updating frequently.


Facebook Insights - Time of Day.png


Once you have this information, you can use it when scheduling your posts! In the above example, it looks like around 6pm is an ideal time to publish content on Facebook.

Want more information about Insights and how to get the most out of this tool from Facebook? Watch our webinar on Understanding Facebook Insights.