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Instagram Stories: Opportunities for Schools

December 28, 2017

We don’t need to keep mentioning how fast video is growing in consumption or as a marketing tool, but we do need to share insight on how best to use it. This article will focus specifically on Instagram Stories, a feature that allows Instagram users to share images and video snippets that appear on their profile for 24 hours. The feature has provided schools with a feature that is both easy to use and offers a broad range of opportunity for school content creation. Check out some of the opportunities for school Instagram Stories that we’ve come up with.


Broadcast your Open Day

One of the best things about Instagram Stories, particularly now that there is a live option is that it can increase the reach of events that some prospective parents are unable to attend. Using Instagram to broadcast video clips of your Open Day, for example allows you to share it with those who are unable to be there but are still interested in the proceedings. Video allows schools to capture the movement, excitement and atmosphere of their events, with Instagram being the ideal network for distributing the clips due to its’ large and growing audience.


Share behind-the-scenes snaps and clips

Create hype by giving existing and prospective parents access to content that they otherwise would not see. For example, show clips of the rugby team during a training session, or a clip from the dress rehearsal for the school play. The content will only appear on your school’s Instagram Story for 24 hours, giving it an element of exclusivity and excitement.


Allow students and teachers to ‘take over’

Mix up your content by allowing students or teachers to ‘take over’ the school’s Instagram account. Whether as a part of a school event or even for a look into a regular school day, this is sure to result in unique Instagram content. Varying the content creators of Instagram Stories can keep content fresh and unique, and can give insight into the school from a different perspective which may be of interest to existing and prospective parents.


Share snippets of the school day

As a school, you may be under the impression that a regular school day isn’t necessarily an interesting marketing opportunity, however it is likely that both existing and prospective parents would be interested in day-to-day activities at the school. Which book is being studied in English? What is happening in the science lab? Is there a class on the sports field? Sharing insights into the school day allows schools to show off their facilities, their faculty and their students in a way that is exclusive and interesting to the target market.


Before you post, don’t forget…

  1. Hashtags: you can use hashtags throughout your Instagram Stories by typing them using the type tool. This will allow users to find your stories when they search for particular hashtags, such as your school hashtag.
  2. Tagging: in the same way, using the type tool, you can tag other users in your Instagram Stories. They’ll receive a notification letting them know you’ve tagged them and other users can click on the tag in your Story to visit their profile.
  3. Stickers: add some fun to your Instagram Story by using stickers. You even have the option to add the temperature, a hashtag, a location and more.