Social Media

New Facebook Post Ideas for the New Year

January 24, 2018

Facebook is one of every school’s favourite ways to communicate, because let’s face it… parents love social media! Even our blog posts with Facebook as the focus tend to be our more popular, and we don’t blame you.

It’s the social media channel with the largest amount of users in the Western world and with the highest frequency of use. It turns out we just can’t get enough of it, so it’s only right that businesses and schools take more time to ensure their content is being seen and engaged with.

Here are some of the ideas we’ve come up with for schools on Facebook in 2018.


Create a regular wrap-up.

Whether it’s a weekly, monthly, or term-based wrap up, put together some of your favourite school moments and post about “the week that was”, as an example. This is a quick and simple way to summarise what’s happening for your school community, and a great regular post for them to look out for.


Start a Facebook Live series.

Select a popular school event or regular occurrence and start streaming it live to Facebook. Not only will your school community enjoy seeing it happen in real time, streaming regularly will create expectation and demand for the videos.


Encourage some flashbacks.

If your school has been around for a while, it’s more than likely that a proportion of your Facebook community were once students of your school. Put up a Flashback Friday post and ask your community to share old photos from their time at your school. Let your community know you’ll re-post your favourites and watch them roll in - not only have you received a spike in engagement with your post, you’ve now also gained some new content!


Recreate old school photos.

We love seeing the trend of recreating old photos! Find some old school pictures and have students recreate them. You’ll be sure to get a high level of engagement from your audience, and your wider school community will enjoy seeing how far the school has come. Check out this fun example where a school called DCC recreated their kindergarten graduation pictures!

Recreate Photo.jpg


Run a photo competition.

The more individual Facebook users interact with a school’s Facebook post, the more other users will see that post. Think of it as a giant web. Incentivising parents or students to post photos on a post can maximise your post’s reach. Right before enrolments are due to commence, create a competition and offer some movie tickets in exchange for the best photo of how your family relaxed over the school holidays. The social sharing and engagement will ensure that your school’s post ends up in a whole lot more school’s Facebook newsfeeds.


We hope that some of our tips have helped to spark new and exciting ideas for your school’s posts! Got some ideas to share? Post them on our Facebook page.