TASS API Takes Integration with ENROL to New Heights

October 4, 2017

One of our key focuses is providing K-12 schools with systems that improve their processes, reduce administration time and generally create efficiencies. Creating clever integrations between Digistorm’s products and commonly used school systems is a significant part of this, and The Alpha School System (commonly known as TASS) is a partner that we’ve recently been working with. As their largest development partner, we pride ourselves on offering leading interoperability between the two systems.

Digistorm is excited to have become the first TASS partner to have a fully operational API integrated application. Recent development, as well as the availability of the licensed API from TASS has allowed us to complete a deeper integration between TASS and ENROL. This level of integration will offer reduced steps in the enrolment administration workflow for schools and will improve the communication and connectivity between ENROL and TASS.

The benefit for our clients is that we are now able to allow the 50+ schools who have an ENROL system with TASS integration to push data straight into the system, removing the need for the traditional export/ import process which is currently in use. Not only will this further reduce administration time for registrars, it will also create a seamless data flow that eliminates delays and errors caused by manual exports and imports.

Digistorm will be retrospectively applying the API update to all schools that wish to have it enabled throughout Q4 2017 and Q1/2 2018.

Please note that this API is licensed by TASS and schools may incur costs to set this up, depending on their TASS license.

If you’re a TASS school who is interested in learning more about the ENROL system, contact us today.