Digital Marketing

Tips for Prospective Parent Email Marketing

April 2, 2018

Let’s talk email marketing! Whether you’ve already started or you’re thinking about introducing email marketing as a new channel, you’re sure to find our tips handy. We’re going to focus in on email marketing to prospective parents, and share some suggestions for your school!

Keep your data updated

Make sure that your email data is organised and that it knows the status of each prospective parent’s enrolment. Data should be managed and cleaned regularly, and the right software can help you to ensure that you’re sending to the right individuals. Our Funnel Customer Relationship Management product allows schools to create Segments that are dynamic, based on enrolment stages. This means that you could create a segment of all Leads (prospective parents/students) who are not yet enrolled, and that the enrolment status of each individual would then change and remove them from this list if they enrolled.

Use an effective subject line

Subject lines are the hook that gets prospective parents to open your emails. While it’s important that they are not misleading, it is also important that they are interesting, intriguing and snappy. Be creative with your wording and think about how your target market might be encouraged to open your email. Urgency can be effective - for example, reminding prospective parents that there’s ‘Only one week left to enrol for 2017!’ might be more effective than telling them, ‘Don’t forget to enrol for 2017!’.

Keep it simple

Your email should be simple and easy to digest. Pick a theme and stick with it! Emails with too many messages or pieces of information tend to be less effective, as opposed to emails with a single messaging objective. Be clear, keep it simple and ensure that prospective parents will easily and immediately understand what you are trying to communicate to them.

Ensure content is valuable

Space in an email inbox is like gold. With the number of email communications sent by the different businesses in the life of the average prospective parent, any email that you send should hold some uniqueness and value. The information that you’re distributing should be important to the parent, and adhering to this will significantly improve your email’s performance. 

We hope our tips have been helpful to your email marketing strategy for prospective parents! If you’d like to know more about Funnel, get in touch with us today.