Social Media

Using Social Media to Drive Online Enrolments

September 10, 2018

Digital marketing offers an effective and measurable method of driving conversions. While conversions can mean anything from a form submission to an online sales, online enrolments are a common focus for K-12 schools. Focusing specifically on social media, we’ve put together this article on how social channels can be optimised for driving online enrolments.


About sections and CTAs

While this may seem simple and straightforward, it is often overlooked! Make sure the website section is up to date and that you’ve tested your link on all of your social media pages. Social media pages are often found via search engines due to their high rank and it is therefore important that they offer a quick and simple link to your school’s website. Looking specifically at Facebook, CTAs are another place in which your school website’s link can be displayed.

Facebook Pages offer a feature called the CTA, where schools can select a contact method that is displayed below the cover image on desktop, or as a large button across the screen on mobile. CTAs on Facebook can be helpful in driving traffic to your school’s website, and specifically to your online enrolment page.


Organic social media posts

Like other businesses, you probably use your social media channels to communicate with your school community every day. Compose organic social media posts containing a strong call to action and include a direct link to your online enrolment form. Facebook and Twitter posts can also be ‘pinned’, ensuring that they remain at the top of your profile whenever someone visits it. Simply click the drop down on the top right hand side of the post and choose to ‘pin your post’.


Paid social media posts

There are a range of ways that you can use your marketing budget to amplify your social media messages online and to drive more traffic to your online enrolment form. Here are a few of the tools you can use, specifically on Facebook.

  • Custom audiences: Facebook offers paid tools such as Audiences that allow you to use email lists to target associated Facebook accounts. Import a list of your prospective parents and Facebook will look for their Facebook account if that email is linked, allowing you to target them with ads for your online enrolments.
  • Lookalike audiences: take your list of existing prospective parents and allow Facebook to find a lookalike audience! The system looks at the attributes of your existing list and find similar Facebook users for you to target.
  • Retargeting: create lists of prospective parents who have visited your website or even specific pages without completing an online enrolment, and retarget them with advertisements to encourage a conversion.

Want to know more? We’ve created a range of Resources, designed specifically for K-12 schools. Contact us for more information on our online enrolment system, ENROL.